Thanking the NHS

Thanking the NHS

To celebrate the NHS turning 70, we’re actively encouraging our customers to thank their hospital when they’ve received outstanding care.

As a long-established, Queen’s Award-winning firm, we use our specialist expertise in watertight rubber dry suit seal production to make Bloccs’ waterproof protectors for casts and dressings. Now sold globally, the covers come in a range of sizes for both adults and children and enable users to shower, swim and bathe normally.

Since limb fractures are a common reason for needing a Bloccs protector, we’ve launched our ‘Thank a Hospital’ initiative. Customers who have had outstanding care can nominate the hospital or department responsible and each month we choose one of those nominated and present them with either a small donation or suitable gift in kind. The person nominating them will also get a prize.

“It’s been our way of expressing gratitude for all the tireless work that goes on in our NHS,” said PDM Director Kate Richards. “We’re so lucky to have free healthcare in this country. Working with the medical industry worldwide has made us very aware of what an absolute treasure the NHS is and our ‘Thank a Hospital’ scheme is a very small way of being able to acknowledge that.”

New hospital leaflets about Bloccs are now available. The range has recently been expanded to include waterproof covers for elbows, as well as arms and legs, and a new knee protector is being introduced later this year.

You can nominate a hospital online here or on our Facebook page using the hashtags #bloccs and #thankahospital.

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